Tours FAQ's

How long is the tour?

Typically a half day tour is approximately 4-4.5 hours and a full day tour is approximately 6-6.5 hours.

Which days do the tours operate?
The Nadi Cultural & Mudpool Tour operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; The Fiji Heritage & Cultural Tour operates on Tuesday.

What are the tour times?
Nadi Cultural and Mudpool Tour will typically run from 9am to 1pm; The Fiji Heritage & Cultural Tour from approximately 10am to 2pm.

Are the tours children friendly?
The tours are designed to provide and enriching experience for both couples and families. It is recommended you pay special attention to the child policy stated before booking. The tours accommodate for various child age range.

Are return hotel transfers included in the tour rate?
Yes they are.

What time can I expect to be picked up from my hotel?
Depending on where you are staying; pick up times for Nadi Cultural & Mudpool Tour from 8am to 9am; The Fiji Heritage & Cultural Tour from 8.45am to 9.30am. Your hotel pick up times will always be confirmed 24 hours prior.

Do the tours include an English Speaking Guide?
Yes, they do.

Are meals included in the tours?
Except for Nadi Cultural & Mudpool Tour; The Fiji Heritage & Cultural Tour include lunch

Does the tour price include entry fees?
Yes, they do.

What do I need to take on a tour?
Sunscreen, repellent, cash for optional purchases, camera, hat, sunglasses, bottled water, a towel and spare change of clothes for Nadi Cultural and Mudpool Tour

How am I expected to dress on a tour?
As all tours include a village visit; women, men and children are required to wear clothing that will cover their shoulders. A sulu (sarong) will be provided for your use during village visits. Dress comfortably with proper and preferably closed walking shoes.

Can I give a cash donation to the village?
When you purchase a tour; the price of the tour includes a donation to the village; therefore a cash donation is not necessary. You may however donate in kind to the village schools. Books, stationery and similar are always welcomed.

Can I book a tour on a Sunday?
No. This is primarily due to the fact that most components of the tours and in particular the village do not operate on a Sunday; a day considered for rest.

What happens if the minimum persons requirement to operate a tour is not met?
You will be given the option to re-book the tour on a different day; but if your travel itinerary is not flexible enough to allow this; we will refund your payment. We will however endeavor to ensure a tour is not cancelled.

Can a tour operate in wet weather conditions?
Depending on the severity of the wet weather condition; we can still operate the tour in light drizzle of rain.

Can I book a private tour?
You most definitely can. This is usually priced higher than a scheduled tour for sole use of the vehicle and the driver/guide.

Transfers FAQ's

What is the difference between Shared Vehicle and Private Transfer?
If you have a booked a shared vehicle or seat in coach service you can expect to be sharing this transfer service with other passengers. A private transfer service entitles you to exclusive use of the vehicle.

Will I be transferred directly to my hotel on arrival?
If you are booked on a private transfer, you will be taken directly to your final hotel destination. If you book a seat in coach or shared vehicle transfer, you can expect 3 to 4 stops on your way to final hotel destination.

Will I travel in a coach or car?
Depending on the transfer service you book and the number of passengers travelling with you, a suitable vehicle will be allocated for your transfer.

What type of vehicles can I expect to be transferred in?
Our modern fleet consists of Toyota Camry, Toyota Fortuners (4WD), Totoya Prados (4WD), Mitsibuhsi Nativa (4WD), Mini vans (10 and 13 seater), Mini Bus (22 seater) and Deluxe Coach (49 seater)

Are the vehicles air conditioned?
Yes. All our vehicles are fully air conditioned.

Can I choose the type of vehicle I am transferred in?
You may request for this, but it cannot be guaranteed. Vehicles are allocated subject to availability and according to the number of passengers that have been booked on a transfer as well as the type of transfer booked.

Can my infant/toddler child sit on my lap during the transfer?
No. An infant or toddler must be restrained in a capsule, car seat or booster. Your safety is paramount to us.

Do you provide car seats for children and infants in the transfers?
Yes we do, at an extra cost of FJD 15.00 per seat one way. We can provide baby car seats, baby capsules and booster seats.

How will I know my pickup time when in Fiji?
Pickup times will always be communicated via direct phone call to your hotel room and email messages will also be sent to hotel front desk for delivery to you a day before your transfer.

Will there be someone available to meet us if I arrive on a flight before 8am and after 5pm?
Yes there will be. Our airport office is open 7 days a week from 430am to 10pm. We will accommodate also for any arrivals impacted by flight delays.

How long would I have to wait at the airport before being transferred to my hotel?
If you have booked a seat in coach transfer; you can expect to wait from 30mins to an hour as the transfers will possibly combine other passengers who arrive into Fiji about the same time. If you have booked a private transfer, our standard policy is that there is no waiting time.

Can I include my surfboard or golf clubs in the vehicle I will be transferred in?
Yes you may, but this will be classified as excess luggage and you will be required to pay a surcharge. A larger vehicle may have to be allocated to accommodate for a surf board and it is highly recommended that you state in your booking request if you are travelling with excess luggage.

What is the standard luggage allowance on my transfer?
Two standard –sized suitcases per person. Surf board, golf clubs, baby prams, large boxes will be treated as excess luggage and you will be required to pay a surcharge of FJD 15.00 per piece per transfer.

How long will my transfer take from the airport?
Depending on your hotel destination, transfer times can range from 2minutes to 2.5 hours. Transfer to Denarau Hotels typically takes 25 to 30minutes. Transfers to the Coral Coast based hotels range from 45minutes to 2.5 hours.

Can I dictate my pick up time from the hotel back to the airport?
If you are booked on a private transfers, you may but you need to be mindful of the distance it takes from your hotel back to the airport and the time frame you are required to check in for your departure flight. If you are booked on a Shared Vehicle Transfer, you are unable to dictate your pick up time.

I am booked on a shared vehicle transfer. My pick up time is too early.
Pick up times for shared vehicle transfers take into account other passengers travelling in the same as vehicle as you. It is our priority to ensure that you and all other passengers are picked up (along the way to the airport) in good enough time to check in for your departure flight. You do have the option to upgrade to a private transfer should you wish to dictate your pick up time.

Do you provide guides on transfers?
Where possible we have a coach attendant on board our mini-buses or coaches if these vehicles are operating a shared vehicle transfer. If a guide is required specifically for a transfer, this can be provided for you at an additional cost; but a private transfer will have to be booked.

If I am staying on Denarau and needed a transfer to the Coral Coast, can I book this through you?
Of course you can. Our services not only provide you with transfers between ports and hotels but also between hotels e.g. between Denarau and the Coral Coast, or Coral Coast region and Pacific Harbour. Contact us for pricing.

Can I contact you over the weekend?
Our transport departments remains open 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you with your transportation queries and requirements.