Launch & Cruise Schedules

Cruise Schedules for the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands

Malolo Cat

Departs  Malolo  LailaiArrives  Port  Denarau
Departs  Port  DenarauArrive  Malolo  Lailai

South Sea Cruises

South Sea Cruises has fast, modern vessels operating Resort Connections to Fiji Island resorts in the Mamanucas.

Awesome Adventures

Yasawa Flyer

Departure Times

Awesome Adventures Fiji operates the vessel ‘Yasawa Flyer’ on a daily service to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.

From Denarau Departure Time To Denarau Departure Time
Lautoka  (bus  from  post  offce) 7:00am Nacula  Island 1:00pm 
Denarau  Marina 8:30am Nanuya  Lailai/Tavewa 1:30pm 
South  Sea  Island 9:00am Matacawalevu/Yaqeta 1:45pm 
Bounty  Island 9:05am Naviti  Island 2:20pm 
Beachcomber  Island 9:15am Botaira  Resort 2:30pm 
Vomo  Island  Resort 9:45am Wanna  Taki/Manta  Ray 2:45pm 
Kuata/Waya  Lailai 10:30am Octopus  Resort 3:15pm 
Waya  Island 10:45am Waya  Island 3:30pm 
Octopus  Resort 11:00am Kuata/Waya  Lailai 3:45pm 
Wanna  Taki/Manta  Ray 11:30am Vomo  Island  Resort 4:30pm 
Botaira  Resort 11:45am Beachcomber  Island 5:00pm 
Naviti  Island 11:55am Bounty  Island 5:10pm 
Matacawalevu/Yaqeta 12:30pm South  Sea  Island 5:15pm 
Nacula  Island 1:00pm Denarau  Marina 5:45pm 
Nanuya  Lailai/Tavewa 1:30pm Lautoka  (arrive  by  bus) 7:00pm 


  1. Departure times to/from each island are approximate.
  2. Passengers are allowed fve minutes for embarking and disembarking at each island.
  3. All transfers are subject to sea and weather conditions. Should adverse conditions prevent operation the passengers responsible for any additional accommodation costs they may incur.
  4. Some resorts charge a water taxi fare to collect clients from the Yasawa Flyer. Those passengers booked on an Awesome Adventures Fiji packages do not pay for any additional transfer costs.